Writing Prompts: The Scenery

I have many weaknesses as a writer, one of which includes writing about settings. I get so involved in what the characters are doing that I completely forget about where they are doing it. Unless the setting is inexplicably weaved in with the plot it doesn’t even cross my mind. Where your characters are can, sometimes, be more important to what they are doing.

Today’s writing prompts:

1- Let’s start with the obvious. Describe where the sex scene happens.

2- Describe the characters living quarters. What does it say about them? An obsessive/compulsive may live in a apartment full of boxy and straight back furniture. No rounded corners in sight.

3- Describe the world you characters live in. This is can be the physical world (i.e. Earth) or their emotional world (i.e. the feeling of repression). A person’s cubical at the office can be used a metaphor for their feelings of being caged in.

4- What is the weather like in your story?

Writing Prompts: Wanking

I just love the British. They have such an interesting way with words. Wanking is the English slang for masturbation. Therefore a Wanker is either one who masturbates, a complete asshole or both.

Masturbation is probably the safest sex a person can have. You can’t give yourself a disease, can’t get anyone pregnant or become pregnant, it’s portable (all you need is a hand, not neccessarily your own) and a vivid imagination.

The most common form of masturbation is of course by manual stimulation with the hand. The use of sex toys is also common as well as shower heads and, of course, the mind.

Today’s writing prompt:

1. How often does your character masturbate? What is their favorite method? Who or what do they think about?

2. What is the weirdest place they’ve ever done it or is your character more of a behind closed doors, deep under the covers type of person?

3. What type of toys do they use? For women, there are small vibrators that one can wear tucked into one’s panties. Is your female character bold enough to wear one in public?
Have they ever been caught? By who? Did it scar them for life or liberate them?

Writing Prompts: The Working Character

Work sucks! I’d much rather be home reading, writing, watching television, playing a game or any number of things than having customers verbally abuse me for pennies on the dollar. But things cost money and since I don’t have the kahonas to engage in a life of crime (yet) I have to resort to corporate prostitution to cover my day to day expenses.

Today’s writing prompt:

1. How does your character take care of his survival expenses? Do they work or mooch off of others?

2. Do they like their job? Why or why not? How did they get it? Do they plan to stay or move on? Do they pine for the president’s chair or are they content to stay where they are?
What is their relationship like with their co-workers? What is the working environment like? How does it affect them?

3. Did they start their own company? If not, have they thought about it?

4. What kind of business is it? Why this type of company or industry? Did they choose out of love, money, both or neither? Some people have the family business foisted onto them and work it out of familial obligations.

5. A high percentage of couples meet on the job. Think about it. That’s where a person spends the majority of their time.

6. Is there anyone on their job that they are interested in? Why or why not?

7. Did or do they have a relationship with a co-worker or even a supervisor? How is that working out for them? Is the relationship based on love or ambition?

8. Did they call it quits with someone they work with? How’s that working out for them? Perhaps they were forced to move to another department or quit entirely. Or after they got what they wanted (promotion, better office) the lover is abandoned at the bottom of the corporate ladder.

Writing Prompts: Character Hardships

Life is not easy nor do I believe it should be. It is the challenges in life that mold us, help us to become the characters we are today. Likewise boring characters are the ones who have perfect lives.

Society presents us with many obstacles to overcome. Some time ago a man shots up a bar that catered to homosexuals. To me, it is clear this was a hate crime. Either that or he went in there and found his lover dancing with some other guy and chose a self destructive means of dealing with his anger.

This brings to fore the reality that our characters don’t live in vacuums. The society they exist in have social mores and customs that either benefit them or are detrimental to their existence.

Today’s assignment is to identify how your character fits (or doesn’t fit) in the society you have created for them.

1. Are they apart of the majority or the minority? How does this affect their outlook on life? Their relationships with others?

2. Is there a specific reason the world characterizes it’s inhabitants in the manner they do? What is accepted/discouraged in the world you have created? Does your character agree or disagree? Why?

3. How does your character react to people who are different from them? Do they subscribe to a stereotypical thoughts about those that are different? Does their thinking change having cross paths with those they previously had no interaction with?

4. If they tend toward anti-social characteristics such as racism and homophobia, what has brought them to that conclusion? Is it the result of previous negative relationships? Did they live in an environment that encouraged that thinking? What would it take for them to change their mind?

5. If your character is the victim of anti-social behavior, how do they handle such attacks? Have they developed anti-social characteristics in response? Do they forgive all?

Writing Prompts: Annoying Characters

Fodder for character development can be found in our fellow human beings. Like for instance, there is a woman at my job who’s voice grates against my nerves like steel scraping against steel and she likes to talk…a lot. She also likes to ask a lot of questions with obvious answers like, “Do you know how to type?” when I’m speeding away at 50wpm without looking at the keyboard.

The girl isn’t all bad. She does have some good traits but eight hours of the two listed above is enough to make me want to bowl with her head. So today’s writing prompt is all about annoying characters.

What makes an annoying character? It is their persistance, knowingly or not, in doing the things another character finds obnoxious. Reread that sentence another time. Why? Because while I might think my co-worker sounds like two cats going at it in an alleyway, her boyfriend may think she has the voice of an angel. It’s all about perspective.

My father worked with a germaphobe once. Everyday he smoked everyone out of the office with the obsessive/compulsive spritzing of Lysol Disinfectant Spray all around his desk. He shares a baby wipe fetish with Monk. My father and co-workers found this to be obnoxious to the extreme but to the poor guy at the center of attention this daily ritual is the difference between life or death.

Your assignment:

1-Try to create the most annoying character you can think of. Put them in the midst of characters likely to be just as offended as you and see what happens. Or better yet, put the character in a room full of others just like them. Does the character feel at home? Or does it become a competition as to who can be the most annoying?

2-Think about your hero’s likes and dislikes. How can you use this information to get the antagonist under their skin?

3-Look around at your fellow human beings. What are some annoying they do that you can incorporate into your characters to help bring them to life and make them believable?

4-What are some qualities about yourself that others find annoying? Think about what issues other people may have that makes your traits drive them up the wall. How did they come across these particular quirks?

Writing Prompts: Religious Myths

I am fascinated by the things that we choose to believe in and one of my many hobbies is figuring out where these beliefs come from and how they’ve developed over time.

Since religion is one of the main purveyor and influencer of beliefs, this week, we are going delve into the realm of religious myths.

Now I feel that I must disclose that I am an atheist and therefore I consider all stories out of the religious sector to be mythology. You may feel differently and since the purpose of these writing prompts is to get you thinking and writing about the subject at hand, including your opinion on the subject is A-l cool.

1. In Norse mythology, Odin, the Norse god of many things, sacrificed one of his eyes in exchange for knowledge of the past, present and future. He disguised himself as a vagrant wanderer and made his way to the Well of Wisdom where Mimir, its guardian, demanded his eye in exchange for a drink from the well. As he sipped the water, he saw all the troubles that would come to man and god as well as the reason why these problems would befall them. Would you take a drink from the Well of Wisdom? Why or why not? What would you sacrifice to gain the knowledge of the world?

2. Just about every culture in the world has a myth about creation. It is human nature to wonder how we came to be on this tiny blue planet. Explore some of the myths on the following page and discuss how your belief about creation compares to other cultures. What are the similarities? What are the differences?

3. In Christian mythology, there is the story of an archangel name Lucifer who is said to have attempted to rise up against the Christian god and try to take over heaven. Only he ended up being defeated by Christian god’s army and thrown down into the fiery pit of hell as punishment. However this tale is being disputed as false with some claiming that the story was extrapolated by incorrect translation of the book of Isaiah in the Jewish Tanakh. Discuss whether you think this is true or not and how the popular version of the story has influenced culture and what the “corrected” version may mean for the future of Christianity.

4. The Axis-Mundi is not quite a religious myth. It is actually a symbol found in almost every culture that is often times later incorporated into a religious belief system. The Axis-Mundi represents a point of connection between two worlds in which one could use to travel between two realms. Discuss how the Axis-Mundi is represented in various system. For example in Hinduism, Mount Meru is considered the center of all the spiritual and physical universes. How is the Axis-Mundi represented in the scientific sector?

5. In Greek mythology, there is the story of Icarus who’s father Daedalus made him a pair of wings out of feathers and wax. Daedalus warned Icarus not to fly to close to the sun or water because doing so would destroy the wings. Exhilarated by the feeling of flying, Icarus forgot his father’s advice and flew too close to the sun which indeed melted the wax and sent him plummeting into the sea. What examples in your own life or in the real world could this myth be compared to?

6. In Celtic mythology, Balor was the god of death and the king of Fomorians which is a race of giants. He had only one eye which he kept closed because anything he looked at would die. It was prophesied that he would be killed by his grandson. To prevent this, he locked his daughter in a tower. However, with the help of a druidess, a man named Cian managed to get in the tower and impregnate Ethlinn (Balor’s daughter). When Balor found out, he threw the child into the sea but Cian saved him and gave him to the sea god to raise. In the second battle of Mag Tuireadh, Balor killed King Nuada by looking at him but before he could kill his grandson, the boy killed him by knocking out his eye with a slingshot.

Parts of this tale sound suspiciously like another albeit more well known tale called David and Goliath. Discuss the similarities and the possibility that this story was adapted from one religion to the other.

7. Judaic mythology brings us the story of the Shekhina who, it seems, is the feminine half of the god of Israel. The male half features so prominently in the bible that it is surprising to have found a female presence having been associated with him. Discuss the patriarchal nature of the bible and why such a figure would have been downplayed.

8. Oftentimes in religious myths the imperfections of man are blamed on the failure of the gods. In Zulu mythology, Unwaba was a chameleon like entity that was sent by the gods to inform humanity that they had eternal life. However because Unwaba was so slow and it took so long for him to reach them, mankind had become mortals. As such, the color of the chameleon changes from green to brown to mourn the failure of Unwaba. Discuss our tendency to blame deities for things that go wrong in life and society.

9. In Japanese mythology, there is a deity called Amatsu-Mikaboshi who name means Autumn Star of the Heavens. This god is not an actual being but rather a symbol of a force that existed before the universe. According to legend there was nothing but absolute darkness and control ruled by this dark force. It is not clear exactly what happened but in one instance the control of the dark force was shattered by In and Yo (the female and male element in Japanese creation stories respectively) which brought forth the chaos of creation. What do you suppose happened in that split second?

10. Last but not least, ruminate on how it is religious myths develop and why they persist through the years especially in this time of scientific discovery.

Writing Prompts: Thirteen Essay Ideas

Up until now, the writing prompts have focussed on fiction writing. This week, however, I’m going to show some love to our nonfiction writers and throw out some ideas for possible articles/blog posts/school essays.

1. Just recently a young girl in India was born with four legs and four arms due to a rare condition where her twin died in the womb and her body tried to absorb the tissue (link to article). Her village views her as the reincarnation of the Hindu goddess she is named after. Discuss how society treats those who are born outside the norm.

2. Discuss how you would overhaul our current system of government. Discuss if it is really necessary to have a governmental entity and what would it take for us to be able to get rid of it completely.

3. What does it mean to be success in our current age? How does that compare what it meant to be a success in previous ages and what success might mean in the future.

4. Is money the really the root of all evil?

5. In the age of information, do you think religion will go the way of the Dodo bird?

6. Wisebread talks about the optical illusion of portion sizes. It is a known fact that plate sizes in the United States have increased about 30% since the 1950’s. Why do you think that is and with the current trend of rampant catastrophic diseases, do you think we revert to the life of moderation we practiced in the past?

7. What is reality?

8. A recent report by a top scientist suggested that the human race will split into two distinct species. (link to article) Do you agree? Why or why not? If so, do you think it will the super/sub human split as the article describes?

9. Do you think the current trend towards eco-living will stick? Do you think it will be enough to stop and/or reverse the damage to the environment?

10. What is the purpose of life? (Life as in all of humanity, not individual life)

11. List the ten most influential movies of our time.

12. Human deviance is a fact of our existence. There will always be people who go against the status quo. Write about how this tendency has both helped and hindered us as a people.

13. Do you think the writing profession is treated as a serious profession in society?

Happy writing!