How To I.P. Protect Your WordPress Admin Section

One way to protect the backend of your blog or content management system is to prevent access to it by people who don’t need to be back there. Yes, you have the login verification page, however, in this day and age of the internet that should not be your only line of defense against h4x0rs. Another secure way of preventing people from getting to your admin pages is to allow access to only approved I.P addresses.
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Changing Your WordPress Admin User Name

I’m a big fan of WordPress, however there are a few things about it that disturbs me. The number one being that every installation of WordPress assigns the same administrator login name. Not only that, there is no easy way to change your login name. This is just one way a hacker can invade your web home especially if you have an insecure password. So here are instructions on how to change your admin login name.

The instructions are based on the assumption that you use phpmyadmin to access your database. If you use another program you’ll have to a little translating to apply to your situation. However this is so easy that you’ll probably be able to figure it in no time champ.
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