WordPress, Sidebars and Widgets, Oh my!

I wrote a guest blog for Engtech in which I detailed a way for you to use different sidebars for the different pageviews of your WordPress theme. After much anticipation it has finally been posted.

When I first heard of WordPress widgets, I was appropriately disgruntled. ‘Widgets? We don’t need no stinking Widgets,’ I grumbled. I was resistant towards the notion of widgetizing my themes because it meant having to change my style of design from using divs to separate the content in my sidebar to placing everything in an unordered list.

But when I saw how they make the end user’s life a little bit easier and how they can make an already powerful content management system even better, I can’t praise the creators of the Widgets plugin enough. So to show you just how creative one can be with the plugin, I’m going to share with you a way to create a template where you can have different widgets on each of your template’s page views; the index, single post and Pages.

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How To Blog: A Beginner’s Guide Part II

This is part two of a two part series

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Con’t from Getting Visitors

There are many ways to gain visitors to your blog but the most effective one, in my opinion, is to get involved in the blogosphere. It’s like showing up at a party where no one knows you. A few people may introduce themselves of their own volition and if they are so inclined may introduce you to their friends but the best way to make people know you are there is to go out an introduce yourself.

It’s okay. Don’t be shy. Most bloggers don’t bite and will welcome you with open arms as long as you are sincere. The worst possible thing you can do is to show up at someone else’s blog and leave useless comments like, “Nice Blog” followed by a link to your site and the insistence that they visit you. That’s because, among other things, spam is all the rage now even though it is the bane of internet existence and leaving trite comments with a link to their site is a trademarked move of a spammer.
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How to Blog: A Beginner’s Guide

This is part one of a two part series.

First and foremost I want to put out there that there is no right or wrong way to blog. Many people are out there making good money perpetuating this myth when, in fact, some of the most successful blogs in the blogosphere become that way because the blog writer is doing his/her own thing. The purpose of this tutorial is not to tell you whether or not you are doing it right (you are!) but to offer you information on getting started and suggestions on how to make your blogging experience pleasant, enlightening and growth inspiring.
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