Twitter Doppelganger

The last time I blogged, I got the bright idea to join Twitter. I’m not sure why. I guess because all the cool kids were doing it, I figured I should be too. You know, since I’m a cool kid. And, yes, if all the cool kids were jumping off bridges, I’d so be right there doing it too.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I went to register my name and found there was someone else in the world named Daria Black. Imagine that. Worse, they beat me to the punch and registered the username. Double worse, they are actually using it. I tried to resort to using my old internet handle, Smutwriter but, once again, my plan for Twitter domination was spoiled. Someone is using that one too.

After about 10 minutes, I finally came up with a handle that no one was using and that I actually liked. The only problem is that the domain name is registered to a popular porn blog. So I’m stuck in this strange place of having to decide whether to a) butcher my name b) resort to using my middle name again c) come up with something equally cool that no one is using, or d) keep using my current handle and cross my fingers that no confusion arises in the blogosphere.

I’m kind of leaning towards option C but between NaNo and my day job, I’m kind of tapped out in the creativity department. For now, I think I’ll use option D until I can come up with something clever.

I finally decided that I’m going to start blogging again. Don’t expect too much, though, until after the New Year. I’ll be way too busy jumping off bridges with the rest of the cool kids.


Thirteen Memes

Participating in memes is a great way to meet people as well as allow your readers to get to know better. As most memes keep a master list of all the participants, it is also a great way to find new blogs to read as well as drum up more traffic to your own blog.

Below is a list of thirteen memes I found on the internet that I thought would be interesting to participate in. This is a mix of random questions, list memes and even a goal oriented meme that will take years to complete (seriously).
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The Blogger’s Guide to Comment Etiquette

Imagine that you go to a presentation after which the lecturer asks for feedback. The person next to you frantically waves their hand in a maniacal effort to get the presenter’s attention. Excited at the prospect of a meaningful discussion the lecturer calls on them.

“You rock,” they say. They hand out their business card and then leave the room never to be seen again.

A version of this happens all too often on blogs much to the consternation of the owner. Bloggers begin blogging for a variety of reasons and when someone takes the time to comment, it makes us feel as though what we are doing is worthwhile which, in turn, inspires us to continue.
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Fun Things To Blog: Poememes

A Poememe is the internet version of the game telephone. The name is a compound of the words poetry and meme and was inspired by a scene from the movie The Princess Bride. The object is to write the first few lines of a poem and then send it out into the webernet to be completed.

There are two types of Poememes. Complete and Perpetual. The Complete Poememe is where you send the poem to another blogger (or bloggers) to finish. You then post all of the results so all of the participants can see each others’ creativity.
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