Making the Most of Your Article Marketing

Okay, we already talked about why article marketing should only play a small part in your marketing efforts and I’ve given a few alternate suggestions for better and more effective ways of building traffic and back links to your site. If you still are hardcore about including article marketing as apart of your total marketing effort, here are a few tips to reap the most from your efforts:
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Thirteen Ways to Market Your Website

In the last article, we talked about some of the drawbacks to article marketing and why it should play only a small role in your marketing efforts. Most of the benefits of article marketing such as exposure, links and increased traffic can be gained by more effective means of marketing and networking. This list is by no means exhaustive but should point you in the right direction.
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Article Marketing: Is It Worth the Effort?

Article marketing is the act of writing short, between 500 to a 1000 word, articles and distributing them to other website owners to republish on their site for free. This form of advertisement is not new. In the offline world, business owners would write articles regarding an aspect of their industry and submit them to newspapers for free in exchange for having their business contact information printed with the article.

Internet marketers were quick to port this marketing tactic to the virtual world, spawning an entire industry complete with specialized software and tutorials. Every five minutes, it seems, an article directory is popping up touting the same benefits of submitting your work to them.
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A couple of weeks ago, I came across an awesome website called Peopleized. Peopleized is a website that offers bloggers an awesome opportunity to meet new people and, at the same time, get fresh content for their website or blog. Peopleized provides a central place where bloggers can interview or be interviewed by their peers.
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Thirteen Memes

Participating in memes is a great way to meet people as well as allow your readers to get to know better. As most memes keep a master list of all the participants, it is also a great way to find new blogs to read as well as drum up more traffic to your own blog.

Below is a list of thirteen memes I found on the internet that I thought would be interesting to participate in. This is a mix of random questions, list memes and even a goal oriented meme that will take years to complete (seriously).
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