Make Billions Selling Advertising

Quite the sensationalist title, huh? But it got your attention didn’t it? Well that’s what the internet advertising model is all about. It is the process of getting the attention of web surfers and inducing them to make a purchase or, at the very least, visit another website.

Making money using the advertising model is easier now than it has ever been before. In the past, the platforms available to those wishing to make money using the advertising model were severely limited to those who had the technical know how, connections and, yes, money in which to pursue the business. The internet, however, has blown away all the barriers to entry and a budding entrepreneur can start making money online in a matter of days.

To be successful with this model, there are a few things you need to consider:
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How to Maximize Your Donations

I’m not sure that the donation model can be considered a business model. After all, you are counting on being able to convince people to give you money in exchange for the warm fuzzy feeling of helping you and not a product or service. Some people, as in the case of Karyn Boznak and Jason Kottke, were very successful with it but the majority of others languish in obscurity.
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Seven Ways to Make Money on the Internet

The internet has opened up the floodgates of opportunity and offers many a budding entrepreneur the chance they need to strike out on their own. If you are looking to become a billionaire or just make a few extra dollars to pay those pesky bills, I’ve identified seven arenas you can enter that will put you on the road to making money online.
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Who Wants to be a Problogger?

Welcome to tonight’s edition of Who Wants to Be a Problogger. I am your host, Daria Black. No doubt you’ve heard the success stories of Darren Rowse, Dooce and Jason Kottke who have all managed to carve out a decent living via their mad bloggin’ skillz. I see you sitting there with dollar signs in your eyes just dying to know the secret to their success. Well I can sum it up for you in just one word and I won’t even force you to read to the end of article before I bare all.

Hard work.

Okay, so that’s two words but if you are continuing to read this article rather than immediately clicking exit button, that means having to work hard doesn’t scare you and you have just won the first round of Who Wants to Be a Problogger. Give yourself one point and let’s move on to round two.
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