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A little bit ago, I was contacted by the lovely Ms. Starlily of The Active Life and advised that she added the Figmeant Writing Studio and Community to the list of outstanding personal development blogs. Fabulous! And the best thing about it is that I get to extend the honor to those blogs I think are great.

It’s always hard for me to choose just a few blogs because I think that most of the ones I come across are great and contribute much to the development of their readers. But I persevered and came up with three that weren’t already on the list.

Cardin Lilly Routh @ Optimistlabs

James and Karen @ Visualized.Feel.Abundance

Jim and Emma @ Go Smell The Flowers

And here is the entire list for your perusal pleasure.
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Blogging Star

Blogging Star

I’m going to start this post off with an apology to Rolando who gave me this award over a week ago. Unfortunately the Incident happened soon after that and I wasn’t really in the mindset to accept the award. But now I’m back and ready to roll and what better way to kick off a great weekend than to accept and pass on this wonderful award.

Rolando thinks that my blog is inspirational which means a lot to me. I’ve come to feel like my purpose in life is to help others in their journeys. So if my blog in some way, shape or form does that then I’m happy to keep plugging away at the keyboard.

The best part of the award is that I get to pass it on to other blogs I think are great. So without furthur ado, I pass this award on to




James and Karen




Congrats and enjoy 🙂

Shaun the Sheep

I’m a big fan of animation probably because of the cuteness factor. We should all have something in our lives that makes us feel good when we are exposed to it and one of those things for me is the work of Aardman Animations.

Aardman Animations is a British animation studio who created the well known claymation duo Wallace and Gromit. I recently came across one of their other works while watching Spongebob Squarepants (It was just on for background noise, I swear!)
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Bestest Spam Ever

So I’m cleaning out my spam folder and because I have masochistic tendencies, I like to sift through them just to see what kind of b.s. these buttheads are trying to pass off as legitimate comments. Usually it’s all drug and porn but today hell must be a little chilly because I almost published one spam comment just because it was so clever. I said almost.

Instead I stole the quote and deleted the comment. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do because I’m going to be laughing for days.
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A Mini Ephiphany

A long time ago I had a dream about heaven. At least at the time I thought it was about heaven but looking back, I really think it was a dream about the future. And when I say the future, I think it was a dream I needed to have back then so that it could inspire me now, in the present, when I think of it.

In the dream, I was walking through the desert. I have no idea why but it was tough going. I was thirsty and tired. I wanted to stop but I just kept trudging along. After a few moments I came upon this small path off to my right that led to a ledge. Because I really had nothing else better to do but be tired and thirsty, I decided to climb the ledge to see what was up there.
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The Seven Ps

I was actually tagged a couple of days ago by Rolando over at RPlayground for this meme. Unfortunately my procrastinitis has been acting up and I’m just now getting around to it.

I like memes that make you think about yourself and who you really are. I don’t think people do enough introspection in life. We get hammered everyday and from every angle with what other people think we should be like that we forget to make sure that that is what we really want. Even worse, more and more people are putting aside their real self in order to conform to the “norm”.

So now with the public service announcement out of the way, here are my answers to the seven P’s.
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