And Then There Was One: The Book of Eli

Two posts in one day. Must be a holiday or something.

I enjoy watching movies but I hardly ever go to the theater any more. Seriously, I don’t see the point of spending $10 to watch a movie when I can buy the DVD for the same price a few months later.

This evening The Book of Eli came on HBO and I decided to watch it since it was free. Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman are two actors whose work I enjoy so I expected the movie to be decent. It was.

The Book of Eli is set in a post apocalyptic world. 30 years have passed since war broke out and civilization was destroyed by, what we are led to assume, an exchange of nuclear bombs. The movie follows the basic hero’s journey plotline. We meet Eli, a lone wanderer, as he is hunting for food in the woods. But soon it becomes clear that he is not walking around the U.S. for fun and hijinks. He is on a mission.
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The Truth about Erotica, Romantica, and Porn

So I’ve been doing stuff. What kind of stuff? The kind of stuff that pays the bills. I’ve had to crunch my time extra hard these days so I could have money to thoroughly take advantage of the after Christmas sales. Although I plan on hitting a few stores, most likely I’ll be blowing all of that cash at Target.

I have had a little bit of free time, though. I’ve played on Twitter a little bit, started reading my novel, worked on a few short stories, and watched some porn.

That’s right. I watch porn.
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