Ask Google: What is the Point?

I seemed to have moved beyond manic depression into just straight depression. I can’t decide if it’s a step up or a step down. The problem with depression is that it’s like a hydra. Whenever I cut off one head, another springs up in it’s place.

These are the times when I like to play a game of Magic Eight Ball with Google. I’ll type in a vague question and see what comes up. Sometimes I get things that fit the question. Sometimes I get things that are way off base but offer a bit of entertainment value. At the very least, combing through the search result keeps my mind busy and allows me to forget, if for an hour or two, how depressed I am.

So today I typed in “What’s the Point?” and got these results:

A Youtube video of Bill Hicks talking about life being like a ride on roller coaster.

A partial transcript of a question and answer session where the questioner asks “What is the point of of living in a universe with no purpose?” wherein the responder offers a pretty damn good answer.

A page on Global Voices Online discussing “What is the point of MBC Persia?” which is apparently is a new television station launched by satelite television company MBC that offers news and movies translated into the Persian language.

Angry Bear asks “What’s the Point of Credit Default Insurance?”. At first I thought he was talking about that credit insurace credit card companies want you to sign up for when you get their card that supposedly will pay your credit card balance should you lose your job. Only it wasn’t. I’m not sure what the post was about as the entire post flew over my head. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

Also on the list was a book on the UK site called “What is the Point of Being a Christian?” Good question. One that I asked myself some years ago and you all know the result of that.

And last but not at all least, Humphrys Family Tree answers the question of “What’s the Point of Family Trees?”. Fascinating stuff.

So the moral of this post is that anytime you are feeling lost, depressed or just plain bored, play a game of Magic Eight Ball with Google. You might get some interesting answers in return.