Writing Prompts: Setbacks

If you have been working hard on your New Year’s resolution as I know you have, chances are you have suffered a few setbacks by now. So this week’s set of writing prompts is dedicated to the art of hitting the wall face first and living to tell about it.


1. Tell us about a time when you hit the wall with your face and how you managed to climb over it.

2. Pick someone you admire and tell their story of how they hit the wall, climbed over it and the lesson you learned from their story.

3. Pick which human invention or historical incident you think has set humanity back the most and/or continues to keep us from moving forward in our development.

4. Write an article on the most common setback encountered (in any topic) and how to overcome them.

5. List the top ten setbacks encountered by any person, company or society that actually stopped them from moving forward.


6. A knight goes to rescue the princess with really long hair that is trapped in a tower. Except she won’t let down her hair, tells him she doesn’t need to be rescued and to go away and mind his own business.

7. The luckiest man on Earth suddenly becomes the most unlucky man on Earth and much woe befalls him.

8. A popular band loses their lead singer and guitarist in the middle of their world tour.

9. A character is trying to quit smoking and promises to pay anyone a sum of money if they are caught smoking. They are caught smoking.

10. A character spends days working on a report for a very important client only to find out, last minute, that the client changed their requirements.