Writing Prompts: New Beginnings

In honor of the New Year, this week’s set of writing prompts will focus on new beginnings.

Non Fiction

1. What does it mean to reinvent oneself?

2. What is life like after a divorce?

3. If you have ever owned a business, describe what your opening day was like.

4. Take one of your New Year’s resolutions and create a plan of action to achieve it.

5. Describe a time in your (or someone else’s) life when you (or they) had to start over. What lessons did you learn from that?


6. Describe what the world feels like after a torrential rain storm.

7. Write a story about the first set of people to settle on Mars.

8. A character who was wrongfully convicted of a crime is finally vindicated and released after 20 years in jail.

9. A garbage man leaves his secure job with waste management to pursue his dream of being a private eye. Write about his first case.

10. It is the first day of work for a woman who unwittingly is working for the boss from hell. Literally.