Writing Prompts: From Goal to Glory

With every New Year comes a list of things we wish to have accomplished by year’s end that somehow manage to slip through the cracks between January 1 and December 31. This week’s list of writing prompts have to do with the achievement of set goals.


1. Pick a topic, any topic, and write an article on how a person would achieve a set goal in that topic. For instance, how would a person go about losing weight or quitting smoking?

2. Tell us your story of how you achieved goal you set out for yourself.

3. With teen millionaires becoming the norm, write an article for teens discussing the importance of goal setting and how to do it.

4. Write about ten (or as many as you can think of) of the strangest goals you have ever heard of and whether or not the person accomplished their mission.

5. Discuss what you consider to be the most important goal that humanity as a whole should be working on.


Write story with the following prompts as the theme.

6. A character decides they want to become a vampire.

7. A puppy decides that it is going to get itself adopted by a family.

8. Two siblings have a party (or other social event) they want to go to but one of them has to stay home and babysit the youngest sibling.

9. A character decides they are going to break the world record for the most number of days without sleep.

10. A ghost decides it is going to break the underworld record for scaring the most people out of its house.