Writing Prompts: By Chance

It’s interesting what folktales we choose to hang on to. I mean really why is it we are getting weather advice from some gopher who probably hasn’t seen the light of day in months.

Anyway in honor of Groundhog’s Day, here are some fiction prompts that involve a little participation from you. Your duty is to grab a coin and assign option one to head and option two to tail. The fate of your character depends on the outcome of the coin toss.

1. A bride is nearing the end of her wedding ceremony when her ex-lover stands up and objects. Does she a) abandon her future mate and ride off into the sunset on the back of a Harley with her ex or b) tell the ex to hit the road and say “I do” to her current stud muffin?

2. A police officer is assigned a case where a fellow officer is implicated in the crime. To make matters worse, they hate each other. Does the character a) ignore their heartfelt pleas of innocence and pass the case on to another officer or b) take the case?

3. A character is given a chance to go back in time and stop a terrible dictator from ruining the world. Do they a) go back and assassinate the dictator or b) try to change a pivotal point in the dictator’s life that made them they way they are?

4. A human is cloned with the specific purpose of harvesting their organs. During their lifespan they become self “conscious”. It is necessary to remove their heart for transplant and they refuse. Does the doctor a) perform the surgery or b) refuse?

5. Two tribes are meeting to discuss a cooperative effort between the two tribes that will help all of them survive the coming winter. However during these talks, one tribes son insults the others daughter in such a way that requires the one tribe to declare war on the other. Does the tribal leader a) does as his culture demands and declare war or b) overlook this transgression and let his daughter live in shame for all of her days which means sending her away from the village to fend for herself.

6. A character brings home their lover to meet the family but the lover has already met one of the siblings as they were involved a few years before. Does the sibling a) pull the character aside and tell them about the past relationship or b) keep their mouth shut and hope it never comes up over eggnog at Christmas?

7. There is a fire in a three story home and a character is trapped in the room. Do they a) jump out the window and hope for the best or b) go rushing through the fire and hope for the best?

8. A former thief is extorted to engage in grand theft or be sent to jail. Does the thief a) perform the heist or b) call the extortionists bluff?

9. a college student goes to their dorm room only to find a large hole in the middle of the room. When they open the door to leave their room, they find that it now leads to a different dimension. Do they a) jump down the hole in the floor or b) walk through the door.

10. A child wants to make money to buy the latest game console. Do they a) open up a lemonade stand or b) get a paper route.