Writing Prompts: Religion

Last week I offered you a list of religious myths to discuss. This week we are going to take a poke at religion itself. Quite a few religious holidays congregate in this month so I figure since it’s on our minds anyway, why not try to put our thoughts into words. I’m going to mix it up a little bit and offer both fiction and nonfiction prompts. The most important part of this exercise is to remember that it is an exercise and to have fun.


1. In today’s world, many businesses are run by religious people based on their religious beliefs. Discuss the various dynamics an atheist would encounter running a company based on their beliefs.

2. Is religion good for society? Or is society best served by ridding itself of its influence?

3. Is morality possible without religion? Why or why not?

4. What do you think of religious figures getting up in arms over the movie The Golden Compass? Do you think there is any truth to their claims that this movie is trying to convert children to Atheism?

5. Has the holiday you celebrate retained its meaning throughout the years or has it been corrupted by commercial influences? Fiction

6. Make up your own religion.

7. A character makes a discovery that goes against the accepted “truths” of their belief system. Your character is a faithful adherent to their belief system and was actually trying to validate that particular belief.

8. A character lives in the inverse of the United States where 70% claim to be atheists with the other 30% being ridiculed and discriminated against for their belief in god.

9. A character tries to make up their own religion and pass it off to their boss in order to get a day off of work.

10. Bring a folktale/religious myth to the twenty first century by rewriting it using current day references.