Writing Prompts: Multiple Partnerships

Some time go, I completed an erotic flash story to warm up my brain for completing my other writing projects. It turned out pretty good but of course I’m biased. The story has to do with a wife who catches her husband cheating but instead of going all nutzoid, she accepts the situation in a ‘glad it’s her and not me’ kind of dismissal.

People accept what society deems as unacceptable all the time. Threesomes, orgies, serial partners and even Polygamy. All anathemas to our country’s focus on Christian monogamy.

Today’s writing prompts:

1- Describe a situation in which your character may consider including another person in their relationship.

2- Write the dialogue between two partners where one is trying to convince the other to attend an orgy. Write it from each perspective.

3- Describe a scene where a partner catches the other cheating but accepts it and/or maybe even joins in.

4- Burst the stereotype that women who have multiple partners are whores.

5- Take us to a wedding where a man (or woman) marries a second spouse with the other looking on.