Writing Prompts: Wanking

I just love the British. They have such an interesting way with words. Wanking is the English slang for masturbation. Therefore a Wanker is either one who masturbates, a complete asshole or both.

Masturbation is probably the safest sex a person can have. You can’t give yourself a disease, can’t get anyone pregnant or become pregnant, it’s portable (all you need is a hand, not neccessarily your own) and a vivid imagination.

The most common form of masturbation is of course by manual stimulation with the hand. The use of sex toys is also common as well as shower heads and, of course, the mind.

Today’s writing prompt:

1. How often does your character masturbate? What is their favorite method? Who or what do they think about?

2. What is the weirdest place they’ve ever done it or is your character more of a behind closed doors, deep under the covers type of person?

3. What type of toys do they use? For women, there are small vibrators that one can wear tucked into one’s panties. Is your female character bold enough to wear one in public?
Have they ever been caught? By who? Did it scar them for life or liberate them?