Writing Prompts: The Working Character

Work sucks! I’d much rather be home reading, writing, watching television, playing a game or any number of things than having customers verbally abuse me for pennies on the dollar. But things cost money and since I don’t have the kahonas to engage in a life of crime (yet) I have to resort to corporate prostitution to cover my day to day expenses.

Today’s writing prompt:

1. How does your character take care of his survival expenses? Do they work or mooch off of others?

2. Do they like their job? Why or why not? How did they get it? Do they plan to stay or move on? Do they pine for the president’s chair or are they content to stay where they are?
What is their relationship like with their co-workers? What is the working environment like? How does it affect them?

3. Did they start their own company? If not, have they thought about it?

4. What kind of business is it? Why this type of company or industry? Did they choose out of love, money, both or neither? Some people have the family business foisted onto them and work it out of familial obligations.

5. A high percentage of couples meet on the job. Think about it. That’s where a person spends the majority of their time.

6. Is there anyone on their job that they are interested in? Why or why not?

7. Did or do they have a relationship with a co-worker or even a supervisor? How is that working out for them? Is the relationship based on love or ambition?

8. Did they call it quits with someone they work with? How’s that working out for them? Perhaps they were forced to move to another department or quit entirely. Or after they got what they wanted (promotion, better office) the lover is abandoned at the bottom of the corporate ladder.