Writing Prompts: The Scenery

I have many weaknesses as a writer, one of which includes writing about settings. I get so involved in what the characters are doing that I completely forget about where they are doing it. Unless the setting is inexplicably weaved in with the plot it doesn’t even cross my mind. Where your characters are can, sometimes, be more important to what they are doing.

Today’s writing prompts:

1- Let’s start with the obvious. Describe where the sex scene happens.

2- Describe the characters living quarters. What does it say about them? An obsessive/compulsive may live in a apartment full of boxy and straight back furniture. No rounded corners in sight.

3- Describe the world you characters live in. This is can be the physical world (i.e. Earth) or their emotional world (i.e. the feeling of repression). A person’s cubical at the office can be used a metaphor for their feelings of being caged in.

4- What is the weather like in your story?