Writing Prompts: Character Hardships

Life is not easy nor do I believe it should be. It is the challenges in life that mold us, help us to become the characters we are today. Likewise boring characters are the ones who have perfect lives.

Society presents us with many obstacles to overcome. Some time ago a man shots up a bar that catered to homosexuals. To me, it is clear this was a hate crime. Either that or he went in there and found his lover dancing with some other guy and chose a self destructive means of dealing with his anger.

This brings to fore the reality that our characters don’t live in vacuums. The society they exist in have social mores and customs that either benefit them or are detrimental to their existence.

Today’s assignment is to identify how your character fits (or doesn’t fit) in the society you have created for them.

1. Are they apart of the majority or the minority? How does this affect their outlook on life? Their relationships with others?

2. Is there a specific reason the world characterizes it’s inhabitants in the manner they do? What is accepted/discouraged in the world you have created? Does your character agree or disagree? Why?

3. How does your character react to people who are different from them? Do they subscribe to a stereotypical thoughts about those that are different? Does their thinking change having cross paths with those they previously had no interaction with?

4. If they tend toward anti-social characteristics such as racism and homophobia, what has brought them to that conclusion? Is it the result of previous negative relationships? Did they live in an environment that encouraged that thinking? What would it take for them to change their mind?

5. If your character is the victim of anti-social behavior, how do they handle such attacks? Have they developed anti-social characteristics in response? Do they forgive all?