Writing Prompts: Edumacation

Fall. That most wondrous time of the year when summer’s heat starts wearing off, the leaves turn beautiful shades of orange and red and all is quiet…because the kids are back in school. Woohoo!

So in honor of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and babysitters everywhere, this week’s writing prompts will focus on the joys of school and education.

1. It is lunch time. Describe what’s on the menu and why your student wished he hadn’t forgotten his lunch at home.

2. Everyone is terrified of running into the school bully only to find out he (or she) has done a 180 over the summer vacation. Why?

3. It is the first day of class for your college student and they are late. The teacher decides to make an example of them. What happens?

4. The students arrive to school to find they have a new principal who everyone begins to suspect is alien. Why?

5. A girl shows up at school only to find out that her BFF skipped a grade.

6. A college student arrives at school to find out that their funding has fallen through and must come up with an alternate source.

7. An upper-class alien family loses all their money and must move to the ghetto of the universe, Earth.

8. A teacher has a one night stand over summer vacation, only to find that person is a new fellow teacher at their school.

9. It’s Fall of 3010 and it is boot camp for the Universal Academy of Space Pilots (no the name doesn’t get any better than that).

10. While exploring the closet in his dorm room, a student finds the entrance to a secret laboratory.

11. A student dreams of showing up in class only in their underwear only it isn’t a dream.

12. A student returns to school after a major accident that paralyzes them from the waist down.

13. It is the first day of school at the Orius school for the mystically gifted.