Making the Most of Your Article Marketing

Okay, we already talked about why article marketing should only play a small part in your marketing efforts and I’ve given a few alternate suggestions for better and more effective ways of building traffic and back links to your site. If you still are hardcore about including article marketing as apart of your total marketing effort, here are a few tips to reap the most from your efforts:

1. Make sure they’ve been around for awhile. Not only do these directories tend to have a higher PageRank but they are usually well known on the webernet and thus attract the people more likely to reuse your content.

2. Pick the ones that screen submissions. Directories that accept anything will only drag down the value of your articles.

3. To avoid the duplicate penalty, post the content to your site first and/or submit different or reworked articles to different directories.

4. Try not use the same content on your own website. When visitors come to your site, they do expect to see fresh content.

5. Take full advantage of the author bio section to market yourself and your site.

6. Use the “Read More” technique. This is where you post the first article in a series and include a link to the remaining articles that points to your website. This increases the chance that the reader will click through to your site to finish the series.

7. Submit to offline sources such as the newspaper or local club newsletters that would benefit from your products or services.

I hope these tips help you create a successful marketing campaign with your stable of articles. Good luck and happy marketing.