Writing Prompts: Mystical Powers

This week’ writing prompts delve once again into character traits. This time we are going to explore some otherworldly gifts you can bestow onto your characters to make their lives a little more interesting.

As before, I want you to take a character that you have not thought about in a long while or even a new character that you may be toying around with and mix up the story they are in by giving them one of these mystical powers.
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Malignant Narcissism

I am fascinated by aberrant human behavior. I believe that abnormal, dysfunctional, strange and even curious behavior tells the truth about us as human beings. We have this terrible habit of whitewashing our negative traits, as individuals and as a collective, that it is almost necessary for us to be continuously reminded of our imperfections and what we could become if we are not careful.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a psychological disposition characterized by extreme self love. Now we are all narcissists to a degree. It is actually healthy to be concerned with ourselves and our well being because this is what inspires us to do things that ensure our survival. However in mentally stable people, this natural narcissism is balanced out by concern over the welfare of others. A person diagnosed with NPD, on the other hand, value their self above all others including those they claim to love. If they show concern for another person, it is only a ploy to try to fool the observer into thinking that they are “good people’.
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The Lowdown On Content Licensing

Surfing the internet, I see a lot of questions regarding the use of the multitudes of content available everywhere. As writers and artists, it is important for us to understand some of the popular licensing structures applied to content so we know not only how we may use someone else’s creation as well as how we should license our own work in this atmosphere of open content.

Public Domain

When a body of work is in the public domain, it means that though it was created by someone, there are no legal restrictions on its use. For instance, a public domain photo may be used for both personal and commercial projects without being required to pay royalties to the creator of the image.

Scientific and creative works are put into the public domain when their copyright, patent or trademark has expired or has otherwise become null.
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The Scarlett Letter “P”

Do you think pedophiles and child molesters should be publicly branded?

I had an interesting discussion with a co-worker the other day about this idea. It was her opinion that pedophiles should be made to wear something that tells the public what they are.

On an emotional level, I agreed with her. I don’t have children but nieces and nephews and don’t ever want anyone to victimize them like that. People who commit sex crimes against children are the lowest form of scum in existence. In fact, it is an insult to scum to even call pedophiles that. I think these animals should be blasted off to another planet where aliens will molest them all day long.
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How To I.P. Protect Your WordPress Admin Section

One way to protect the backend of your blog or content management system is to prevent access to it by people who don’t need to be back there. Yes, you have the login verification page, however, in this day and age of the internet that should not be your only line of defense against h4x0rs. Another secure way of preventing people from getting to your admin pages is to allow access to only approved I.P addresses.
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