Writing Prompts: Settings

Where your story takes place is just an important component as the story’s plot or the characters themselves. The story’s setting is apart of its architecture. It frames the plot in meaning and frees some of your characters strengths, brings out some of their weaknesses and draws the reader further into your story world.

A setting can encompass anything from a time period to a physical place to an event. This week’s writing prompts will provide you with a series of backgrounds into which you can set an existing story against or draw new characters out of.

1. The cabin of a high speed rail.

2. Paleolithic Japan

3. A high school classroom

4. The comment section of a popular and controversial blog

5. The front desk of a four star resort

6. A political rally

7. The backseat of a hover car that is in flight

8. The Rugby World Cup

9. Canada before the British and French arrived

10. An underwater research facility

11. Middle Age Sweden

12. A backyard BBQ

13. The United States in 2215