Writing Prompts: Mystical Powers

This week’ writing prompts delve once again into character traits. This time we are going to explore some otherworldly gifts you can bestow onto your characters to make their lives a little more interesting.

As before, I want you to take a character that you have not thought about in a long while or even a new character that you may be toying around with and mix up the story they are in by giving them one of these mystical powers.

1. Oracle

And Oracle is someone or something that people go to for prophetic counsel. Each culture has their own definition of what an Oracle is but for this exercise an Oracle is defined as a person through whom all knowledge flows to and from. They have access to all knowledge and are able to communicate that across all language and cultural barriers.

2. Element Manipulation

This is the ability to create and manipulate the elements of water, fire, air, earth and metals. Your character can specialize in one or all or even a subcategory of one such as wood (which would be part of the earth).

3. Weather Manipulation

Just as it sounds, this is the ability to manipulate the weather. There are a couple of ways you can go with this. Your character can control the weather though direct thought or action or the weather could respond to something out of their control such as their emotions.

4. Empathy

An Empath is someone with the ability to accurately sense what people are feeling. Via channeling, they can also use the energy of those emotions to either heal or inflict harm.

5. Conjure

A Conjurer is able to materialize things out of thin air. Those things can be people, animals, objects, food, monsters etc.

6. Astral Projection

This is the ability of one’s spirit (for want of a better word) to travel outside of its body. Coming and going as the owner pleases, the spirit can materialize anywhere it wants to instantly. The body does not die but usually falls asleep or unconscious. However, if the body is killed while the spirit is gone then it has no where to return to. Likewise if the spirit is prevented from returning to the body then the body never wakes up.

7. Projection

This is a form of mental manipulation in which the Projector is able to impose their will upon another person. This isn’t like an extreme form of peer pressure. The Projector can actually enter the mind of another person and force them to do what they want them to do. The victim can either be aware or unaware of what is happening but this is most likely based on the strength of their own minds.

8. Levitation

This is a combination of air and earth manipulation in which a person is able to float and move about in the air as though gravity had no effect on them.

9. Transmogrify

This is the ability to instantly turn one object into another such as changing a book into a table. Generally, the object used will only output an object similar in size and energy so a small book will render a really teeny tiny table. For a really big table, a Transmogrifier would need to use a lot of books.

10. Shape shifting

This is an organic type of transmogrify in which a person has the ability to change form. They can become an animal (such as from person to werewolf) or another person (think Mystic of X-Men). The transformation can either be uncontrollable and dependant on outside forces or an innate ability controlled by the shape shifter.

11. Psychic

I’m just using this as a general category for people who have the ability to see both into the future and into the past. For the most part, knowledge of the future and past is given in brief glimpses with regards to specific people, objects or events and is partitioned into specific talents. For example, a character could see into the past of any object they touch or a psychic could only predict how and when someone was going to die. Although you can have a general psychic who knows it all.

12. Mind Reading

This is the psychic ability to hear other people’s thoughts. This ability can be between a specific set of people (like a couple) or an unfiltered stream of chatter from everyone that surrounds the mind reader.

13. Time Manipulation

This is the ability to slow down, speed up, stop and even rewind the progression of time. This can be applied to a specific person or object, applied to the world as a whole or in vary degrees in between. The time manipulator generally remains unaffected.

Good luck and happy writing!

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