Writing Prompts: Music Madness

We are going to try something a little different this week. When I was in high school we did a little experiment in my English class. We listened to a piece of music and then wrote a story to accompany it. The story could be based on what we thought about when we heard the piece or the type of characters that would listen to such music and so on etc.

So this week I’ve compiled a list of thirteen songs to inspire you. Write whatever comes to mind and please try not to laugh too hard at my taste in music.

Note: I’m using an offline resource to stream the music. Please let me know if you run into any problems. Also things may be slow to load so please be patient. Thankew, thankew very much.

1. Mad World

2. Ready for the Big Ride, Bubba

3. Water Shows the Hidden Heart, Enya

4. The Spirit of Vitality, Asian Chillout, Zen Grooves

5. Jealous of a Pond, Glenn Sheffield

6. Elama, Yasser Ebeeb

7. I’ve got to see you again, Norah Jones

8. Garden of Tiki and Earth Meets Sky (two parts, just the way the cd is), Buddha Lounge vol. 3


9. A’int No Sunshine, Ziggy Marle

10. Shape of My Heart, Sting

11. Dust in the Wind, Sarah Brightman

12. More Than Words, Eric Clapton

13. Felitsa, Yanni

4 thoughts on “Writing Prompts: Music Madness

  1. I love your prompts by music. I have always found my imagination runs wild with certain lyrics. Just as often, stories unwind in my mind from the instrumentals alone, or from songs in foreign languages I don’t understand. I suppose musicians feel the same way, thus wonderful music is born. Great blog. Vienne

  2. Daria says:

    Hi Vienne,

    Welcome to my writing blog. I feel the same as you do. I find that I am much more creative when I’m listening to instrumental or New Age. There’s just something about the music. It’s like the artist is telling a story but at the same time leaving the music open to interpretation to make up one’s own. Do you have a favorite artist?

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