Redheads, The New Minority Group

Just when I think humanity could not get any more ridiculous, I find a news article that continues to affirm Albert Einstein’s sentiments that the depths of human stupidity are, in fact, infinite.

Apparently discriminating against people based on skin color, sex or sexual orientation just isn’t enough. So people in the British Isles are kicking it up a notch by harassing people with red hair.

The British Isles feature more redheads than anywhere else on earth. But some people who have the genetic trait said they feel discriminated against.

“It’s horrible,” one woman said. “I mean, I love redheads. But people are quite anti-them.”

In England, the flame-haired are called “ginger” or “ginge.”

Photographer Charlotte Rushton said people often yell at her in the street and she often feels like part of a minority.

“The nail that sticks out gets hammered down,” Rushton said.

The nation that gave the world Ginger Spice, the Duchess of York and Lily Cole may be ginger-phobic. And it is not a joke.

One British family of redheads, the Chapmans, told the British media it was driven from its home by abuse including anti-redhead grafitti, vandalism and physical assaults.

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I think red hair is cool. I wish I could have red hair but my hair does not take dye well which guarantees that I’ll be a brunette for life (no biggie). However, of all the things to discriminate against a person for, hair color has got to be the most ridiculous.

Discrimination based on genetic attributes is stupid all around but hair color? C’mon now, it’s not like skin color where you are kinda stuck with what you get. Any body can go out and get a box of Clairol and change the color of their hair. How do you know you are even discriminating against a real redhead? How do you know that your best friend, who is now a blonde, wasn’t born with ginger tresses?

What’s next? Discrimination against people with big feet? I can’t decide if this is a sign of the world getting better or getting worse.

5 thoughts on “Redheads, The New Minority Group

  1. OMG, I am glad my daughter is not over there as she is a TRUE REDHEAD! LOL, and many times her temper and ambition prove that.


  2. @ Katie,

    That’s too funny. I wonder if they had a bunch of temperamental redheads and that’s why they are so against them now.

    @ Stephanie,


  3. Are you sure this article wasn’t actually a few hundred years old and just updated from the Salem Witch Trial days? If not, then this is definitely an example of people exercising sheer stupidity en masse. Einstein knew what he was talking about.

  4. Hi Kelli,

    Welcome to my humble abode. Yeah it makes you wonder sometimes if it will ever end. Love the tag line on your blog and the blog itself. I will be a frequent visitor 🙂

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