Writing Prompts: Reunions

This week’s set of writing prompts focuses on the coming together of people, places and things after being apart.

1. Pick an event from the last reunion (family, school) that you went to and write is as though it were a humorous anecdote you are going to tell Oprah.

2. A woman who has been in prison for 15 years is released and reunites with her husband and children.

3. A pair of twins, separated at birth, meets each other for the first time at college. However, one has known about the other for awhile via their blog on the internet.

4.Two countries, separated by civil war, reunite into one nation.

5. Wolf mates, separated by a snow storm, find each other again.

6. A health nut has their first piece of commercialized, non-diet, piece of dessert (your choice) after 5 years.

7. A pair of employees who worked together at one company find themselves working together again, completely unplanned, at another company. They hate each other and had quit their previous jobs to get away from each other.

8. An astronaut has an experience where it seemed like he was away from Earth for years but in reality it was only seconds.

9. A transgender reenters their social circle after their surgery.

10. A character visits a world they imagined as a child. The people there remember them even though they are an adult now.

11. A perpetrator gets out of jail and accidentally runs into their victim. (literally or not)

12. A comatose patient wakes up a hundred years from now.

13. Describe the coming of the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu