The Power of Christ Compels You

…to read my follow up article about the debate over sponsored themes.

A little background:

Over the last six months or so, there have been arguments going back and forth about the appearance of sponsored themes in the WordPress community. A sponsored theme is a theme in which a theme designer has been paid to insert links to a website. This is just another form of link buying. I personally have no problems with this, as long as the theme designer is up front and honest about the fact that the theme he is distributing for free does include paid links.

Anyway, please keep in mind that this is only once side of the story and I encourage all of you to do a search and see what other people have to say. The Blog Herald has a post with a good set of links to start with.

Hugs 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Power of Christ Compels You

  1. I don’t have a problem with sponsored links so long as it does not take away from the site or impact performance. And yes the designer should be upfront about the theme and the underlying design.


  2. I agree, however, the creators of WordPress does not agree and have started something of an internet war against them. Oh well.

  3. Really, wow. Well, I’m easy either way. What’s important is that we have the core of WordPress. I can always switch themes if mine is not supported.

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