Writing Prompts: The Battle Zone

So yeah, the Fourth of July is long gone but the spirit of it still lives on. Everybody loves the freedom that the 4th represents but seem to fail to remember the war we had to engage in in order to achieve it.

This week’s writing prompts are dedicated to the Art of War. War comes in many different sizes and colors. Sometimes war is epic, other times it’s a fight for the covers at night or, more often than not, there is a constant battle being waged internally with ourselves.

These writing prompts are geared towards putting you in the mood to throw down. Well, on paper at least.

1. On the path towards spiritual enlightenment, a person must confront and overcome their worst enemy. Their self.

2. Two men arrive at the dairy case at the same time for a carton of milk. There is only one left and suddenly it is high noon at the O.K. Corral.

3. A mother catches her teen son cheating on his girlfriend.

4. On a good will trip to another world, a delegate commits what seems to be a minor offense that causes the host world to arm up for war.

5. A writer runs into an editor who rejected a piece of their work.

6. A couple is having sex when there arises a question of who’s going to be on top.

7. A store patron tries to avoid getting spritzed with perfume.

8. Walmart. At Christmas. I don’t think I need to say more.

9. An ailing sibling has a living will and the family is at odds with each other as to whether or not to honor it.

10. The bridesmaids revolt against the bride’s choice of gown for them.

11. A government declares war against the citizens they are supposed to protect.

12. A bad piece of cheese starts an argument with someone’s intestinal track.

13. A website owner takes offense to having their link removed from another site.

Good luck 🙂