The Thinking Blogger Award

Thinking Blogger Award

Recently (In Daria time at least. In real time about two weeks ago) Joy Renee over at Joystory awarded me the Thinking Blogger Award for the post I wrote about Bipolar Disorder. If you haven’t already come across this in the blogosphere yet, the Thinking Blogger Award is where you list five blogs that make you think. It was created by Ilker Yoldas of The Thinking Blog.

I have to say, though, that every blog I come across makes me think. I’ve discovered that, by nature, I’m more of an observer than I am a participant. I like to watch. Ignoring the whole voyeuristic undertones there, I find that this trait serves me as a writer. People tell you more about themselves than they realize. From how they dress and carry themselves to their speech and word choice, all of it tells you everything you could ever want to know about them. You just have to know how to interpret what you see.

When I read blogs, I think about the person who wrote it. I think about not only what they wrote about but how they wrote it and why. In my mind, I create an image of them as the person behind the blog. This not only helps me to understand them (the blogger) as a person better but it also contributes to my understanding of humanity in general and, consequently and quite selfishly, help me create better characters because of what I’ve learned.

So this list of blogs is a mixed bag. Some are people I know and love and some are blogs that inspire me or teach me something. It was extremely difficult to pick just five. I’m subscribed to at least 30 feeds in my Google reader alone not to mention the hundreds of links I have bookmarked. But, alas, I persevered and present to you the five blogs that make me think.

1. Ms. Karen’s Place

Ms. Karen is a long time friend whom I met through another mutual online friend. Though her blog is about everyday life, it written with such humor and finesse that I always come away laughing. Recently, Karen has done something that I keep saying I’m going to do but never actually achieve lift off. She quit her job is now pursuing writing as a full time career. Go Karen! I look forward to reading funny posts about the craziness of the writing life.

2. The Phoenix

I can’t remember how I came across this blog but I’m addicted to it. The Phoenix writes about scientific weirdness such as wacky inventions like the Greenhouse Helmet and the Indipod as well as cat sized rats in Florida . Because I believe that the “abnormal” really is the norm, this blog goes a long way in proving me right.

3. Stephanie’s Super Secret Vault

Stephanie recently moved her blog due to a server crash so a good many of her posts are missing in action but her new blog is just as entertaining. Stephanie is another talented writer whose writing style I like. She paints her world with sharp and sarcastic brush strokes that leaves me chuckling and shaking my head at some of the stuff that goes on. She is a fiction writer and is struggling to get her work published which, of course, makes me feel a little less alone since I’m rowing in the same boat.

4. Cyberstalkers

Katie Fairchild is another long time friend whose blog Cyberstalkers bring me back to reality. We share a common trait in that we both tend to be too trusting and her blog reiterates, for me, the need to be cautious in life especially when it comes to being on the internet. Katie also has a personal blog about everyday life that is fun to read as well.

5. Optimist Lab

Optimist Lab is a blog that I’ve begun reading fairly recently (again Daria time. I’ve been stalking it for about a month now). Cardin writes about the Law of Attraction. If you don’t know what that is think about The Secret. Now I read The Secret and I was so disappointed in it that I actually returned the book to the bookstore and got my money back. Cardin, however, restored my faith in the idea because the way she writes about it is so commonsensical and logical that my brain not only “gets it” but actually accepts what is being said.

And there you have it, the five blogs that make me think. If you have been awarded the with The Thinking Blogger Award (click the link for tag rules) please consider yourself tagged and write about the five blogs that make you think.

Au revoir mon ami

9 thoughts on “The Thinking Blogger Award

  1. You are so welcome Stephanie. Oh I know. I was so prepared to just list my entire blogroll but then I saw the fine print. Total let down. It’s like trying to pick the five of your friends to put in your Alltell free calls network. Impossible.

  2. Daria, thank you so much. This is just such an honor. I am so excited. Now I have to think of 5 people. Hmmmm. Guess that will keep me busy for awhile, but I am sure I can think of 5 blogs I enjoy out of so many I read. What I have to think about also, since a lot of these blogs are very large and very busy, are blogs that are smaller and will have time to write 5 blogs on others. And besides, you knocked one of mine out. LOL Ms. Karen’s. She really is so dang funny.


  3. Hi Katie,

    You’re welcome. I think you can still list Ms. Karen. I’m sure there are some blogs out there that have been awarded the Thinking Blogger’s Award several times.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about whether or not the blog participates. The real point is that these blogs make you think. Plus if you let them know I’m sure they would still participate because this meme is just that cool 🙂

  4. Daria, First of all, Congrats on the award. It is well deserved. Second, I have been very remiss in saying THANK YOU! for the nomination. One reason I’ve put it off is, how am I EVER going to pick only five?

    If I can pick you, then I’d like to (obviously, I’ve not been to the Thinking Blogger site for the official rules yet, my bad). Can I possibly narrow down my favorites to five? Even more, can I possibly explain what it is about them that makes me go, “hmmmm”?

    You’re making me think, m’dear! I guess I’d better get busy.

  5. You are very welcome Karen. It took me a minute to write down why these blogs made me think but I just thought about why I visit their blogs in the first place.

    I’m sure you’ll think of something because you are just that fabulous 🙂

  6. Hi Rolando,

    Thanks for stopping by and the nice words. Feel free to make yourself at home. I’m off to read your post.


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