A couple of weeks ago, I came across an awesome website called Peopleized. Peopleized is a website that offers bloggers an awesome opportunity to meet new people and, at the same time, get fresh content for their website or blog. Peopleized provides a central place where bloggers can interview or be interviewed by their peers.

The process is simple. You sign up for an account and fill out your profile. Your very first interview is done by the administrators who then post it to the website so the community can get to know you. After that, head over to the people page and start reading about the diverse array of members.

It is just as easy to interview someone. Just click the interview button by their name and send a request. Once the member approves the request just submit your questions using their handy dandy interview form, wait for the answers and voila instant content. The interview will publish to the site but you can also post it to your own website or blog.

To experiment with the process and to get to know the people behind the idea a little bit better, I interviewed site founders and administrators Halil Mandal and Euripidis.

Tell me a little bit about yourself

Halil: Halil Mandal, 26, single. Turkish origin and living in Germany/Stuttgart. Interested in cooking, Internet, Audio-books and networking. Former financial adviser with sales and marketing background, since 4 months ago, full time Internet entrepreneur.

Euripidis: I was born in Germany. But I’m not German, my parents are both from Greece. At the moment I study computer science and if everything goes right I will finish my studies in 1 year. Friends say about me that I’m … Well better you ask my friends to answer this 😉

This is a wonderful idea for a website. How did the idea for Peopleized come about?

Halil: Thank you. We come up with the idea as we saw that a lot of good blogs in the blogosphere have great content but not as many reader as they should have. So we decided to start Peopleized.
The idea was a community where people interviewed people and share the interviews to promote each other by using the interviews as “behind-the-scenes” tool to gain new readers to the content.

Euripidis: We saw that more and more interviews were published by many bloggers. This is a great way to generate valuable content. So we thought building a place where you can find interesting people and make, in an easy way, interviews would be a great idea!

How long did it take to bring your dream to fruition?

Halil: We needed about 3 months from the idea to our launch. It is much easier to launch a project then I thought, but much more difficult to start working on it!

Euripidis: Well, the idea was born 3 months ago and we thought we could start it two weeks later 😉 But it took us 3 months to launch the site and it would had taken much longer if we hadn’t said “Let’s rock, let’s see what the people think about it!” To everybody out there who want to start a software-based project, multiply your appreciated time with the factor 3 (at least :P)

What are your goals for the project?

Halil: At first we want to make the basic platform work 100%. After that we want to add more valuable things for our users to make it easier to promote yourself with Peopleized.
We want to serve the blogosphere and become a part of this wonderful community.

Euripidis: To establish Peopleized as a well known place where people can get great content

What can users do to get the most out of Peopleized?

Halil: Do a lot of good interviews and share them with other users. You can take every interview from Peopleized and publish it on your blog, so everyone benefits. You get great content for your blog, the interviewer and the interviewed person get some link love to their blogs from you. That´s a win win situation for everyone. And that´s the way Peopleized wins too 😛

Euripidis: Contact other people and find interesting personalities. Take your time to make some really good interviews (hint: avoid questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”)
What you get is great content and if others like it they will publish it also on their pages. That means that you will be promoted by them.

Any additional information you would like readers to know.

Halil: I think there are a lot of great ideas out there, you just have to start them and anything else will happen in the right way. The right people will come together to make it successful.

Euripidis: If you like the idea behind Peopleized, please help us spread the word out there!

Thank you Halil and Euripidis for taking the time to talk to me and for the wonderful website Peoplized. The site is still in its infancy but already I can tell it will be a hit. Good luck. I know I’ll be a regular at the site.

And for all of you still reading this post, what are you waiting for? Go get signed up and start interviewing today.

3 thoughts on “Peopleized

  1. Hi Daria!

    I got interviewed by Peoplelized some weeks ago, which was pretty positive experience, actually.

    And talk about being fortuitous! I posted an article earlier today with a link to my own interview.

    Let’s hope Peoplelized does work out for Halil, Euripidis and everyone they’ve so far interviewed…

  2. Sweet!

    I agree. They make it easy to contact other people and do interviews. I really do hope it catches on and I plan on doing my part to promote them as much as possible.

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