Writing Prompts: Unusual Jobs

There are many areas of a character’s life that you can exploit to torment them and I think that perhaps the most favorite of them (mine at least) is their place of employment. But there are jobs and then there are JOBS. Below is a list of unusual jobs that your character could have the (mis)fortune of being paid to do. One or two you may have to work at building a story around but most of these just invite a rich and humorous exploration.

The links go to various online sources that describe the jobs.

1. Haunted House Actor

2. Phone psychic

3. Telemarketer for a cemetery

4. Professional Whistler

5. Barnyard Masturbator #3 on the list

6. Foley Artist

7. Wrinkle Chaser

8. Stand in or replacement bridesmaid

9. Gum Buster

10. Celluloid Trimmer

11. Hair Boiler Operator

12. Fortune Cookie Writer

13. Cheese Sprayer

For more unusual jobs visit: 37 Weird Jobs, Dirty Jobs and PopSci.

Happy Writing