Writing Prompts: Character Traits

Pick a character any character. Preferably one you haven’t thought about or written about in a while. Or even, provided you don’t try to get the story published, a well known character. Now add one of the following character traits and see how it changes things for the character. The goal is to look at an old and perhaps abandoned character and give them whole new outlook on life which, hopefully, in turn will revive the story they are in.

I tried to get a good mix of both good and bad characteristics but, ya know, the bad are so much more fun to work with.

1. Obsessive Compulsive

2. Loving

3. Phobic

4. Virtuous

5. Greedy

6. Courageous

7. Sufferer of Body Dysmorphic Disorder

8. Persistant

9. Trichotillomaniac

10. Faithful

11. Narcoleptic

12. Patriotic

13. A Frotteur

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