Tempest in a Teacup or Baby Momma Drama over Sponsored Templates

There is a storm brewing in the WordPress community over the practice of selling ad space on WordPress themes. More specifically, theme designers are selling text links to advertisers in the footers of the themes that they distribute for free to the community. Now to hear some people tell it this “new” development is akin to running naked down the center aisle of your church wearing only a thin layer of whipped cream to keep you warm.
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WordPress, Sidebars and Widgets, Oh my!

I wrote a guest blog for Engtech in which I detailed a way for you to use different sidebars for the different pageviews of your WordPress theme. After much anticipation it has finally been posted.

When I first heard of WordPress widgets, I was appropriately disgruntled. ‘Widgets? We don’t need no stinking Widgets,’ I grumbled. I was resistant towards the notion of widgetizing my themes because it meant having to change my style of design from using divs to separate the content in my sidebar to placing everything in an unordered list.

But when I saw how they make the end user’s life a little bit easier and how they can make an already powerful content management system even better, I can’t praise the creators of the Widgets plugin enough. So to show you just how creative one can be with the plugin, I’m going to share with you a way to create a template where you can have different widgets on each of your template’s page views; the index, single post and Pages.

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