Writing Prompts: Save the World

While pondering the tragedy that occurred on April 16, 2007 I’ve decided that this week’s writing prompt theme will be 13 Plots to Destroy the World. Now when it comes to defining “The World”, it is not always as global as you think. In fact, in writing, the world is defined by the protagonist (or hero) of your story. The world can include entire galaxies or it can only encompass the protagonist’s circle of influence. This would be Luke Skywalker battling against the Galactic Empire to save the Star Wars Galaxy vs. Willow Ufgood taking a journey to return a lost child to the humans to prevent destruction to his village.

So your goal is to take these prompts and devise a way for your protagonist to save their world from these threats.

1. A man spends hours upon hours cultivating the perfect lawn only to have his neighbor’s dog(s) constantly find its way through the fence to tear it up. Conventional methods of keeping the dog out (such as a fence, keeping tied to a leash…) are not working. Because the man becomes obsessed with the dog, it begins to affect his relationships.

2. A ghost has been living in a house for some time. Its relationship with the various residents that have lived there has so far been amicable. However the newest resident has a phobia about ghosts and has hired an “insert religious specialist here” to get rid of it.

3. An alien landlord who finally gets the okay from the Universe Court System to evict the human squatters from his land (Earth).

4. A sorceress causes a psychic to lose her powers for whatever reason you decide. It may or may not be a temporary thing and she is well known in her community for it.

5. A man finds himself up for promotion in his job. The problem is that he doesn’t want it. He likes his place on the corporate Totem pole because his office sits directly across from the office of a really cute woman in the next building. The promotion will force him to move to a different office on the other side of the building. There’s no telling what’s over there.

6. A blogger’s online identity is discovered by a family member or co-worker who then uses the information to blackmail them. (It happens more than you think).

7. A writer wins the Pulitzer for a story that was ghostwritten by another writer. The ghostwriter begins having second thoughts about keeping their identity concealed.

8. A young child’s parent becomes very ill. However an “insert entity here” tells them that they have the power to heal them. They must go on a journey to retrieve the cure.

9. The Greek Gods find their worshippers being converted to the service of a “New” pantheon.

10. A mother finally gets her baby to sleep. The jealous older sibling does everything they can to wake the baby up.

11. The state wants to build a road that will pass by a small town brining in a lot more traffic. Despite the possible increase in money from tourists, most of the residents don’t want the added noise or the intrusion of progress.

12. A city official transposes some numbers on an address and as a consequence a construction company tries to bulldoze the wrong house.

13. A driver is caught speeding. However one more ticket would mean the cancellation of the only insurance they were able to get because of their horrendous driving record. They might also possibly lose their license.