Finger on the Web Vol. 5

So yeah I missed last week’s issue. What of it? Nothing interesting happened. Okay so nothing interesting happened in my life but there was lots of interesting stuff on the internet.

Virginia Tech

Both the online and offline communities were rocked by the tragedy at Virginia Tech. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past week then the short, short version is that on Monday, April 16 a young man opened fire on his classmates killing 32 people (Here’s the long, long version).

I searched the internet and pulled up a few golden nuggets about the incident.

Virginia Tech 2007


Ache by Ms. Karen

Planet Moron

Technorati is your best friend if you want to read more about it.

Virginia Tech Search Results

There is a call for One Day of Silence from the blogosphere to commemorate those lost. By all means this does not mean be silent on the subject. Violence in schools is a subject that needs to be talked about and resolved. Bulletproof vests should not be considered part of the school uniform.

Google and Marratech Sitting In A Tree…

Google acquires software from Marratech. Just the software, not the company (poor Marratech) . The software allows a person to participate in video conferences anywhere one can connect to the internet. So I’m going to assume that this will be the latest six shooter in Googles arsenal of internet tools.

Free IQ Launches

A new website called Free IQ came aboard the internet train recently. The site is geared towards internet marketers. According to Yaro of Entrepreneurs-Journey:

Free IQ is about about empowering individuals to distribute their knowledge online using media such as video, audio and text. The Free IQ site acts as the communication medium and allows any person to set up an account with a personal homepage and begin distributing their media.
What makes Free IQ different to say a YouTube or Google Videos, is that Free IQ has been created with Internet marketers in mind. What this means is you can set up your page, sell your products, collect opt-ins to your mailing list, offer affiliate commissions and effectively base an entire Internet business just on the service provided by Free IQ.
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This sounds like a great place for people who sell or otherwise distribute information. It was really easy to set up an account and they provide space for you to upload your videos and documents.

Offensive is in the eye of the beholder

Ars Technica recently blogged about a report released by ScanSafe that claims 80% of blogs on the internet are offensive. The report is based on its analysis of requests sent in by their customers. ScanSafe is a provider of scanning software that reinforces a business’ internet usage policies.

The problem with these types of reports is that what is considered offensive varies from person to person. I don’t consider cussing and/or adult topics offensive. What I find offensive is websites so ugly that they cause all those unfortunate to land on their pages via the search engines to have epileptic seizures. I’m talking about this. If you don’t know how to design a website either make Google your best friend or hire a professional.

Blogger makes the list

Freelance writer and blogger Deb Ng made the Writer’s Digest list of 100 best websites for writers. Debra operates the blog Freelance Writing Jobs where, everyday, she lists the jobs that don’t insult writers with slave wages. Congratulations Debra, it is well deserved.