Writing Prompts: Twists and Contradictions

To kick things off this week’s theme will be Twists and Contradictions.

1. The line to the women’s bathroom is a mile long but there’s no one in the men’s. Your female protagonist has Irritable Bowel Syndrome and waiting is not an option.

2. An alien is on his home planet, minding his own business when all of a sudden a space craft crashes in his fields. He goes to investigate and finds a crew of humans on board.

3. Two Christians are stuck car pooling with two atheists. On their way to work, they pass by four billboard advertising local churches then get stuck in traffic.

4. A woman discovers that one of her lesbian parents is actually a cross dressing man.

5. A man gets hired at a corporation where only 10% of the work population is male. He finds he has to fight against “The Old Girls” network in order to get ahead.

6. A man somehow finds himself in a dimension where the animals keep humans as pets. Because he’s not owned, he finds himself in the pound.

7. A movie star starts stalking the paparazzi. (Yes I am aware that there was a movie about this but it sucked. You can do better.)

8. A time traveler travels into the future and runs into a time traveler who has journeyed into the past.

9. A superhero/superheroine and the supervillain meet for lunch to discuss life, the universe and everything.

10. A pro-life politician is trapped in an elevator with a pro-choice constituent. One of them should have experience a pregnancy in some way and the other should have experienced an abortion in some way.

11. A diabetic has a face down with a can of non-diet soda.

12. A vampire’s elderly human mother is kicked out of the nursing home because of money issues. He has no choice but to take care of her in his home.

13. A writer falls into another dimension where the characters dictate what happens to her.

If you use any of these let me know. I’d love to read it. If you participate in Thursday Thirteen leave a comment so I can visit you.

Happy Writing