Thirteen Memes

Participating in memes is a great way to meet people as well as allow your readers to get to know better. As most memes keep a master list of all the participants, it is also a great way to find new blogs to read as well as drum up more traffic to your own blog.

Below is a list of thirteen memes I found on the internet that I thought would be interesting to participate in. This is a mix of random questions, list memes and even a goal oriented meme that will take years to complete (seriously).

Thursday Thirteen

Each week you list thirteen things according to the theme of your choice. It’s interesting to see the lists that people come up with. The site has recently experienced a change in ownership but the community is still going strong.

Unconscious Mutterings

This is a free association meme. Each week Lunanina posts ten words and you are to write (or write about) the first thing that comes to mind. Potentially enlightening about what’s really going on in your head.

Saturday Photo Hunt

This is a photo meme where every Saturday you post a picture that fits in with the theme of the week. Looks like the best picture gets listed as the site of the week.

Ten On Tuesday

TOT involves listing ten things related to that weeks theme. The theme for the following week is posted when the blog owner posts the current weeks responses.

Free For All Friday

This meme is only once per month but that’s a good thing because it isn’t about what you post but what other post for you. The object of the meme is to allow someone to do a guest post on you blog. A great way to meet new people.

Booking Through Thursday

This meme is for book lovers. Each week a question is posted relating to books and reading to which you post the answer on you blog. I am participating in this on my personal blog.

Sleeping With Bread

This is a very interesting meme that requires a bit of self reflection something which I don’t think people in general get enough of. Every Monday you post about something that has consoled you and something that troubled or distressed you. It is sort of a count your blessings type meme.

Five on Friday

This is a music based meme. Each week you post your top five songs that relate to the theme of the week.

A Picture’s Worth

This is a meme for both writers and photographers. It’s a little unique in that you choose a personal picture (one that has personal meaning for you) and you submit it along with a 300-1000 word essay about it. An essay is posted daily.

101 in 1001 days

This is a unique meme. You make a list of 101 things you want to accomplish or get done and you have 1001 days (almost 3 years) to complete it. The site lists all of the participants as well as provides a counter to let you and your visitors know how much time you have left.

Fill In Friday

This is a weekly fill in the blank meme.

RPG Meme

This is a meme for gamers. Each week a quiz is presented for you to fill in about your RPG (Roll Playing Game) character.

Sunday Seven

Each week, you post seven answers to that week’s theme.

For more meme goodness, visit The Daily Meme for a comprehensive list of what’s available on the internet.