Finger on the Web, Vol. 3

OMG, I got caught up working on a design for a side project. It wasn’t until I went to the store and wrote a check that realized… today is Wednesday! I tell ya, these weeks are moving along faster and faster.

Anyway, here what’s on the net…

The Cult of the Apple, Part 2

Ilker over at The Thinking Blog sent me a link to the continuation of his article about Apple and their marketing campaigns. In his previous article, he began a discussion of whether or not Apple was a cult. I must agree that Mac users get rather passionate about their machines but I always figured that though it was a well made product against the giant that was the PC world, Macs were the underdogs. And well, underdogs tend to stick together if only to support each other.

However, Ilker asks the question of whether or not Apple fosters this cult like following with its marketing campaigns. View the commercials he has posted on his blog and decide for yourself.

Update: Ray Dotson of Fresh Blogger won the review contest ilker was holding. Ray won a complete redesign of his blog provided by ilker. Congratulations Ray!

MyBlogLog Goes Social

I suppose it was bound to happen. After all Web 2.0 is all about sharing. MyBlogLoggers is a social networking/bookmarking/self-promotion site where MBL members can submit posts for rating and review. The nice thing about this is that they haven’t been inundated with spammers yet so you can submit your own posts without people thinking you are one. In fact, they actually encourage it (posting your own post not spamming).

Even better, they are giving away money. Or rather Google money. If you write a review of MyBlogLoggers, your name will be put into a hat with the prize being $25.00 to spend on Google Adwords. Also the most active member of the site (commenting, posting etc) will also receive twenty five dollars. Add to that they are also giving away 180 by 60 adspace to each of the top five active members of the month and you’ve got three reasons to participate. I love the internet.

John Chow Sells Out

As of April 1 John Chow is on permanent vacation. He sold his company, TTZ Media Inc to a toronto based company, left his blog in the capable hands of his co-bloggers and he and his wife will now be travelling world annoying each other to death. Now this may seem like an April Fool’s joke…wait… It was! But judging by the comments on his blog not many of his readers really thought he was going away. Nice try John.

If you haven’t been by John Chow’s blog, it really is worth a read especially if you are interested in bringing in income from your net ventures. His blog is filled with tips and information on how, you too, can bring home the bacon, fry it up and serve it.

Buy A Friend A Book For No Good Reason Week

It’s interesting what you can find on the internet. Did you know that it’s Buy A Friend A Book For No Good Reason week? Doing a little bit of touring through the Blogexplosion database I found this interesting concept detailed by Karen on her blog Write From Karen. Every quarter (the first week of January, April, July and October) your goal is to buy a friend a book in an effort to promote reading and good friendships.

As some of you may or may not know, I am a writer though I haven’t written much, this year, beyond my blogs. However, even if I wasn’t a writer I would support this initiative wholeheartedly because I don’t think people read enough. Reading and using your imagination is one of the many ways you can strengthen your mind. I won’t be participating this week but stay tuned. Even though being able to visit my blog and experience the brilliance that it I is a gift in and of itself, I’ll make your life even better by buying you a book of your choice.

And that’s it for this weeks FOTW. Stay safe, stay sane and read more books!