Introducing Google Themes

So logging into my Google personalized homepage, I noticed a new link on the upper right hand side next to my “Add Stuff” button labeled “Select Theme”. Upon clicking it, I found my heart expand to the breaking point with a little more love for Google. Google is now providing skins for your homepage so you have something interesting to look at when perusing the hundreds of widgets you have loaded on your homepage (you know who you are).

And these aren’t just ordinary themes. If you enter in your zip code or location, they will dynamically change according to the time of day. All I can say is… Awesome!

Google Home Page

I love this theme. It’s called Tea House and the little fox goes back and forth from having some tea to taking a dip in the pond. To get your very own personalized home page with a dynamic theme, all you have to do is sign up for a Google Account. More information can be found at the Official Google Blog.

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Google Themes

  1. Hi Sree,

    Thanks for stopping by. It doesn’t actively move but the scene changes depending on the time of day. It’ really cool. About this time, the fox is looking at the stars through a telescope. Early in the morning, he’s sleeping in a sleeping bag.

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