Finger on the Web Vol. 2

Sorry I’m so late getting this out. Finally, finally, finally I’m in a home with internet service installed. Yay! But Murphy’s law dictates that I don’t get to spend much time on it. Ah well such is life.

But enough about me! Here’s what’s happening on the internet.

Calling All Graphic Designers

Beth, over at Totally Unprofessional, who probably thinks I’m a total loser because I’ve been neglecting her, has another graphic design contest going on. This time it’s The Movie Inspiration Contest. The rules are:

  1. Pick a movie any movie but preferably your favorite.
  2. You can not use any images from the film. You must design your interpretation of the movie using your design mojo.
  3. The canvas size is 700 by 900, so you’ve got some room to swing a cat.
  4. The name of the film must appear somewhere in the design.
  5. The due date is April 5th, 2007

The prize? A cool $20.00 gift certificate to Amazon to buy your favorite movie (if you don’t already have it and have watched it a gazillion times) or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Good Luck!

Beware the Promises of Content Sites

Writing and submitting articles to article directories and content sites has long been a tip that internet marketers have touted as a sure fire way to gain exposure and traffic to your blog or website. In a sense, they’re right. If you are a decent writer and have a good amount of knowledge of a particular subject matter, your articles may be picked up by the many blogs, websites, newsletters and other content hungry channels for distribution through their network of readers. Not only does this earn you valuable backlinks that bump up your Google PageRank, but could also gain you clicks to your website and possibly sales.

However, Victoria Strauss, published author, co owner of Writer Beware (a scam busting site for the writing industry) and co writer of the Writer’s Beware blog has recently posted an article concerning writing for content sites in which she makes some good points. Many of these article sites make promises they can’t keep (such as paying you or claiming you will gain massive phenomenal exposure for your website). Now I’m not dissing article sites. I’ve written a few articles that I’ve distributed through Ezinearticles and a few others and have received a little exposure. However in the grand scheme of things, this shouldn’t be your sole or primary source of marketing for your website especially since this avenue has become fairly saturated.

Social Networking at a Blog Directory?

From what has obviously been inspired by MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog recently launched it’s own social networking called Blog Neighborhood. Basically you can add a widget to your blog that will show a picture of who has visited you and if you log into your BlogCatalog account, you will also see the recent visitors to your profile.

Of all the blog directories that I have visited and submitted websites to, BlogCatalog by far is the best. They offer a profile page in which you can tell visitors a little bit about yourself and your blog. The page also features a ranking system and displays the last few posts of your blog via your RSS feed. And now you can build your own blog neighborhood. Cool!

CafePress joins Commission Junction

I actually received this in my email about a week ago. Siting a failing affiliate program, Cafepress has decided to turn the matter over to long time affiliate marketer Commission Junction.

About a year ago we launched the CafePress Affiliate Program. We saw it as a revolutionary program with benefits for Shopkeepers, Affiliates, and CafePress. As you know, the basic purpose of an affiliate program is to drive incremental external web traffic – and ultimately sales. Unfortunately this program did not meet that key objective, and a continued investment in a program that was not meeting this basic goal became difficult. Ultimately this program lacked ability to scale, build momentum, and ROI.

The official launch date for the switch is April 10, 2007. Go here for an overview of the new program. Cafepress is an internet site that offers people an opportunity to sell their personalized wares. It’s sort of the garage sale of the internet. Or would that be Ebay?

Nervous Breakdown Anyone?

Squidoo is a website where you can create a lens that takes a closer look into a particular interest of yours. I signed up about a month ago but never got the chance to really explore it. However, since I signed up for their newsletter and such, they send me the daily editor’s choice for the lens of the day.

Today’s picks was Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown. According to the lens, Nervous Breakdown is now longer (or maybe never was) apart of the medical community’s dictionary. The disorder is now labeled either depression, anxiety disorder or mental burnout. As some of you may or may not know I struggle with manic depression (which is what my lens will be about when I get around to updating it) so diseases of the mind are of particular interest to me. So when this arrived in my mailbox, I had to check it out.

The author offers their personal account of having suffered a melt down as well as articles to help diagnose when you or someone you love are on the verge totally losing it. Stress is the number one killer in America and most certainly the reason why most people are walking around hopped up on anti depressants and mood elevators. I highly recommend everyone visit this lens and learn about something that could one day save your mind and your life.

And that’s it for today folks. Looks like I just squeezed in under the time wired. Whew! Until next time, dance like no one’s watching, love like it will never ever hurt you and blog like your mother doesn’t know you have one πŸ™‚

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  1. Yeah! Thanks so much for featuring the contest here! You ROCK!

    And I totally didn’t think you were a loser…I just figured you have a LIFE! rofl!

    Hey…one teeny correction on the contest…the challenge is to NOT use any images (stills) from the film. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks so much, once again. πŸ˜€

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