The Search for Blogspiration

Many people begin to blog without any idea as to what they want to talk about and that’s alright. What is it that they say about spontaneity being the spice of life. Or was that variety? Eh, one of those.

Anyway, when that first rush of creativity wears off, bloggers often find themselves abandoned by their muse on a dry but surprisingly crowded island called Writer’s Blocktopia. Here are a few ways to flag down the rescue ship of inspiration:

  1. Read what you have written so far and try coming at your subject from a different angle. This is what professionals do. They take a well flogged idea and try to create a new whip to beat it with. So if you’ve been blogging about how much your kids drive you nuts, turn it around and blog about how much you drive your kids nuts (because you do).
  2. Join a social bookmarking site such as Digg or Fark. These types of sites dig up stories of interest and provide almost a limitless supply of things to blog about.
  3. Take part in a forum and blog about the issues raised there. The trick here is to join an active forum with lots of diversity. You are sure to find something to spark your muse among all of the colorful opinions flying around.
  4. Diversify: What are your other interests? If you’ve been blogging about your children, try expanding to other subjects such as the family dog or your American Idol obsession.
  5. Don’t know much or don’t have many interests? Choose a topic you would like to learn more about. With so much information available on the internet it is extremely easy to begin research in an area you are unfamiliar with. Places like Wikipedia offer a wonderful jumping off point for a new learning adventure.
  6. Visit meme and quiz directories. Places like Blog Things and Blog Quiz have quizzes that offer fun, fortune cookie style insights into your personality. Manic Monday Meme and The Meme Directory offer writing prompts to jumpstart your creativity.
  7. Blog surf. Find out what others are talking about and blog your opinion of the subject.
  8. Ask for inspiration. Let your readers help you by asking for suggestions or questions. This is a great way to interact with your readership.

And if you just can’t get your muse to work with you, perhaps it is time for a break. Take a few days off from blogging and refresh yourself. I guarantee you’ll be back to whipping out witty repartee in no time.

Happy Blogging

Daria Black is a freelance writer, erotica author, and amateur CG artist. Visit her website Daria Black – Words By Daria located at to learn more about Daria, get writing and blogging tips, read erotic stories, and to chime in on her thoughts about current events.

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