Taking Life: Right or Wrong?

I have a hard time separating life into right or wrong. Mainly because there are too many, an infinite amount almost, of unknowns and exceptions that makes categorization difficult. Let’s take for an example something as volatile as murder. In our society we have laws against the killing of other people including our own self. Yet conversely, and perhaps ironically so, we have the death penalty as a means of punishing those who do.

The justification for this is that a person who takes the life of another has committed a crime so morally reprehensible that they lose their own right to life. Yet in America, you can legally kill someone if they are threatening either your life or that of another person albeit the threat has to be immediate, unmistakable and unavoidable. You can’t shoot someone who says they are going to kill you but yet do nothing that actually indicates that they are going to follow through. Even if you believe they have something in store for you at a later date, the threat against your existence must be immediate or else you will find yourself on trial.
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