Some Thoughts About Pro-Life Advocates

I feel that pro-life people only care about the life of the baby and not the parents involved. From what I’ve come to understand, their position basically bestows personhood upon the baby while it is still in the womb. While that’s a great thought, this viewpoint presents a problem. There is an instant conflict between the mother’s rights as a person and the baby’s the moment she decides she does not want the baby. Who’s rights should prevail?
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The Pretender

I used to be big fan of television when it was actually worth watching. I amassed a slew of shows to tune into including one called The Pretender. The show was about a man named Jarod who was kidnapped as a child and raised in a top secret, Area 51-like facility called The Center. He was a child prodigy and the people who kidnapped him put him through a series of simulations and used the ideas he came up with to perpetuate evil. The show begins when, as an adult, he escapes.
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